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being a part of something special MADE ME SPECIAL

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Lea is nominated for 3 World Music Awards!

• Best Female Artist | VOTE
• Best Album | VOTE
• Best Entertainer Of The Year | VOTE

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Title: UnknownThe Rose (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: UnknownGlee Cast
Played: 34766 times

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I hate that crap; I hate that ripped off VIP crap. I don’t like the whole “celebrity” of it all, it’s not my thing, y’know.

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Finchel in season 5

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Lea Michele for DomaineHome.com

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Countdown to Cory Monteith Week: See What You Can Do!



As you all know, we are nearing May 11, Cory Monteith’s 32nd Birthday, and Montourage Unite has much planned, not only for that specific day, but for the entire week beginning May 5. This special week will not be a time of remembrance, giving back, and honor. Let it be known that May 5 - 11 is Cory Monteith Week! Look below to see what Montourage Unite has in store for this special week and join in!


Shown above is a schedule of the Twitter trends planned for the week, one trend for every day. Spread the word! If your time zone is not listed and you are confused with when you should start trending, check here. Happy trending!

When it is time to trend, here are some tips you can follow..

  • Do not use the trend more than once per tweet; it will be considered spam.
  • Do not spam! A good method to trend something is to simply add the trend to the end of our normal tweet.
  • Get creative! For example, if the trend is “We Love Cory”, continue that trend with “We Love Cory because..”


Beginning April 22, 2014 and ending on May 11, 2014  - purchase one (or more) of our limited time, once in a lifetime, exclusive tribute shirts! This is our second tribute sale and we hope it will be an even bigger success than the first. With a brand new design and shorter time period, we hope that we sell many. We must sell (at least) 20 shirts for the shirts to be made and the funds to go to our Chrysalis Fundraiser, in honor of Cory Monteith. Shirts are $30 each and USA ONLY. Shirts come in all sizes. As for shipping, all shirts will be delivered to donors no later than 2 weeks from May 11.



Montourage Unite is currently in the process of creating a (one week only) fundraiser for Project Limelight, a free arts program in Canada that Cory was personally very close to. This fundraiser is international and will begin on May 5 and end on May 11, 2014. Stay tuned for more information!


Each and every fan of Cory has his or her own favorite memory, experience, etc. We want to gather those memories and put them into one big tribute video - and we want to premiere that video on May 11!

Pick a prompt below and record a video of yourself (no video effects, good lighting, good quality, iPhone video acceptable) answering that prompt. One or two sentences only please as we want to include many entries.

  • My favorite memory of Cory is..
  • Cory is my hero because..
  • I will always remember Cory because..
  • Thank you Cory for..
  • Remembering Cory is important because..
  • Cory taught me that..

All done? Email your video to corymonteithweek@hotmail.com - be sure to include your name and what prompt you selected for your entry. 


We want each and every fan to join our special collage. This collage will be made into a nice print and will be sent to some of Cory’s closest friends and family in honor of this special week. How do you join? 

Take a good quality picture of yourself (with a camera, iPhone, etc) doing something that represents Cory. Hold a sign (poster, etc) up that you made, wear a shirt related to him, dress up like Finn Hudson, you name it. Be creative!

All done? Email your picture to us at corymonteithweek@hotmail.com. Be sure to include your name.


Montourage Unite wants to make “Cory Monteith Week” as interactive as possible. On a regular basis, Montourage Unite will be holding Twitter Q&As, asking followers and fans to answer the question of the day. We will be gathering those questions and putting them into one big post on the website.

If you like to write and would like to write something about Cory, whether it’s something personal or just something you would like to contribute to the special week, please email us that blog post to corymonteithweek@hotmail.com - we would love to post it on the website for everyone to read!


Cory Monteith Week is not based on Cory’s Birthday. Rather, it’s a time to honor Cory and remember him through the memories we will cherish forever. We are coming together to make beautiful projects like a video and collage and more importantly, we are giving back to the community through powerful fundraising projects. Thank you to everyone that is planning to participate. Cory Monteith Week is officially an annual tradition! Montourage Unite would also like to remind everyone that May 11 is not only Cory’s birthday, but Mother’s Day in the United States. I am sure many of Cory’s friends will be looking back on the time they spent together along with Cory’s mother. Remember to be respectful and to shed a positive light on this week, as it is meant to be positive. Thank you everyone!

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